In today’s market, every brand has something to say. I help companies rise above the noise.

I’m a communications and content leader with 10 years of experience working in-house and at an agency. My passion for discovering and telling powerful stories has elevated brands ranging from unicorn tech startups and defense contractors to hospitality conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies. If you’re tired of the same comms and content strategies failing to move the needle, let’s talk!

Dan’s Philosophy

Public Relations

Business reporters are drowning in pitches, and will seek reasons not to cover your company. I uncover the angles that seize their attention.

Content Marketing

Bold, evocative content guides every stage of the buyer’s journey. I channel the voice of brands and thought leaders to inspire action.

Data-Driven Storytelling

Businesses have access to depths of data, but rarely know how to market it. I interpret insights from numbers, lending credibility to corporate narratives.

Executive Communications

Senior leaders must take advantage of their platform. I collaborate with the C-suite to hone distinct personas who challenge the status quo.

Crisis/Reputation Management

Companies are always vulnerable to the unforeseen and overlooked. I fiercely defend brands by developing proactive, adaptable plans for any scenario.

Internal Communications

Employees should be their employers’ biggest champions. I keep your workforce aligned, informed, and galvanized with engaging content and compelling calls-to-action.


Daniel will challenge you to step outside the corporate echo chamber and think critically about how key audiences perceive your brand. When we worked together, his communications strategy was pivotal in establishing our company as a category leader in the HR technology and artificial intelligence spaces. Whether he’s promoting customer success in earned media channels or introducing the market to an innovative new product, Daniel will tell a powerful story that engages all the right people.

Katlin Hess Director of Customer Marketing, G2

Daniel is a remarkable Communications leader. I had the pleasure to work alongside him at Gloat and was continuously impressed with his ability to manage highly complex workflows, carry forth a strong and holistic brand and media vision while being detail-oriented at every turn, and make many friends and allies along the way. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Sarah Lessire Director of Content Marketing, Gloat

Daniel was my go-to whenever I needed to understand how to best get our message in front of the right people within the right medium. I trusted his ability to take creative approaches to some of our company's ever-changing approaches and turn them into winning pitches, using a strategic mind and an empathetic core to foster relationships across some of our industry's most important media outlets.

Austen Gregerson Content Marketing Manager, Gloat
Work Preference

On-site in the Greater Philadelphia area and hybrid/remote in all locations.